Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Name That Tea

Before sending invites think of a name for your tea. This will help you design the entire concept. You can find inspiration in many places. Look at a flower of the month list. Your tea could be “Forget Me Not” or if you are planning a knitting club gathering, name it “Forget Me Knot” along with a pretty picture of the flower. Name your tea along with the season or holidays or what is happening in that month. A Gratitude Tea in November or Christmas’ Remembered Tea. For a Birthday theme, name your tea for your guests of honor, using their name or their passion. An activity can also be part of your Tea – how about a “Bring a Tea” for your guests to share their favorites along with your delicious bites.

Even if your tea is not formal perhaps one that is served during a craft night you can make it as fancy or casual as you like. Casual or dressy - print a menu with the title of your tea, your guest of honor or your theme and place it on your Tea table.

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