Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Blueberry Scones with Lemon Glaze

I wanted to share with you a recipe for one of the most outstanding scones, by Tyler Florence of the Food Network. These scones have always been a hit with my guests and family.

Try them without the lemon glaze or use a simple glaze. They are so good.


monica said...

Ohhh... Sounds so yummy!

Queen B. said...

Jewel ! I didn't know you had this blog too ! I LOVE tea.....oh my, oh my, I love tea. I even have tea cup ornaments !!
Yippee ! I have the Tyler cookbook, and I LOVE scones.
So guess what I'll be making ??
I'll serve them up, and post about them, and let you know !!

JEWEL said...

Do let me know what you think Queen. Thanks so much for stopping in!

Dawnie said...

these sound very good. I've never had one!

Hello, I'm Dawn from Wisconsin also. I'm in Watertown..its rare to find someone in our state.

YES we are freezing. And the snow is piling up already.
I will copy this recipe and try it out to.

Please, come visit me also!

Dawnie said...

Hello! I made these today, they were great. All i did wrong was I didnt work the dough enough to really get a shape. I was afraid to mix it well and soften it up. We loved them though

Shabby Addict said...

I am excited to try these! They sound so holiday-festive yummy ; ) Thanks for posting that!