Wednesday, December 10, 2008

WFMW - A Giveaway! There Really IS A Santa Claus!

Here's a HINT. Have you seen this? I love this product! It is so special and will be treasured by your family in years to come. Give your child the chance to still believe. Place Santa in your living room, delivering presents to your children. Create living proof there IS a Santa - and he was in your home. Go here to read more. Now for the great news .. be one of the first 25 customers to receive a free photo from All you need to do is submit your iCaughtSanta photo by 12-20-08 and include “sleeplessinwisc” in the subject line. Pass this along to all the Mom's you know. Hurry - its almost Christmas!

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Dawnie said...

that is a neat product! I havent seen anything like this before.

Jim said...

It is a great idea, second one I have seen this season, does the same thing, seems to have a few more Santa poses and a little less expensive! Both are great ideas!! Gotta love technology!